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Massage and Spa Treatments 

Massage on St John


Our massage therapists have years of training and experience and are ready to give you a massage to suit you

CLICK HERE for complete information about massage and types of massage

30 minute: $60 

60 minute:  $110.

90 minute:  $160.

Couples Massage: Two therapists will come to your villa to give two 1 hour massages simultaneously. $230.

We are happy to accommodate larger groups of people wanting massage.

*A travel charge will be added for some villa locations.

Salt bowl for Salt Scrub

Salt Scrub:

We combine St John sea salt with pure essential oils to give you a treatment that will leave you feeling invigorated and your skin deeply cleansed and soft and smooth. Then the scrub is wiped off with soft steamy towels. This treatment takes about 10 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to complete. It can be followed by a massage.


Healing Body Wrap:

This treatment is an application of a clay body mask. The clay absorbs toxins from the skin, and at the same gives mineral nutrients to the skin. After the clay is removed, the skin is moisturized with locally sourced coconut oil. Total time for set up and treatment is one hour.


Traditional Virgin Island Bush Bath:

The bush bath dates back thousands of years and has been practiced as a method of cleansing and healing by most peoples of the earth. Locally harvested herbs are dropped into boiling water. This is strained; cool water added for the proper temperature and poured over the head and body in the traditional manner. This treatment takes about 15 minutes to prep. The treatment takes about 30 minutes.


Dr. Hauschka Facial:

This facial is given by a Hauschka trained esthetician using Dr. Hauschka Products. The treatment begins with a foot bath.
It takes 2 hours.


Manicures and Pedicures

Water Yoga

Woga is a perfect balance of yoga benefits: strengthening and stretching with mindfulness in our Caribbean sea.


Watsu is water massage that frees your spine, clearing energy meridians. You are held, swayed, gently massaged and stretched. Movement through the water looses your muscles, creating a natural, soothing rhythm. The feeling is incredible, at times - indescribable.

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