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Massage Therapy

The massage our clients most often ask for is relaxation massage.

Every massage is deeply relaxing both for the muscular system and the nervous system. Each massage is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Most often we practice what we call integrative massage; this method brings together all our training in various massage modalities and uses that to best address the client’s specific needs. We believe that massage is a conversation that begins verbally and continues energetically. Some of the specific modalities we offer are as follows:

Swedish Massage: This is the type of massage most people think of when they think about massage. It employs long deep strokes, percussion, shaking and vibrating of the limbs. The pressure is moderate. Swedish massage is invigorating and relaxing.

Deep Tissue Massage: This is a deeper massage; after warming up the muscle tissue, slow deep pressure and pressure on specific points is used. This method works on both the muscle tissue and the connective tissue. It can reduce pain caused by scaring in the tissue .This is used to address old injuries, chronic pain, and overuse injuries. It can restore range of motion, and improve posture by allow the body to be in correct alignment.

Sports Massage: This massage method which was developed for athletes both pre and post competition is also very helpful in treating injuries. Cross fiber friction, digital pressure, and stretching are some of the techniques that are used to restore the body to its optimal functioning and performance.

Couples Massage: Two massage therapists will come to your villa and give you both a massage.

Cranial Sacral Therapy: A type of treatment developed by Dr. John Upledger. The therapist uses very light pressure to influence the entire body. In particular, the fascial system and the Cerebrospinal fluid are influenced by this technique.

Prenatal Massage: Massage feels great to pregnant women and their babies. Pregnant women lay on their sides, with plenty of cushions to support them. Massage can help with the aches and pains caused by carrying a baby. It helps with feet swelling. Prenatal massage is safe for both the mother and the baby.

Receiving a massage: We bring the table and the linens so that you will feel comfortable and your modesty is protected. At all times the individual is respected. Disrobe to the extent that you are comfortable.

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